GPD Pocket 2: BIOS Upgrade with Linux

February 25, 2019 | GPD Pocket 2  IT 

The previous BIOS sometimes boots the EFI/Shell instead of the Linux OS. The latest version of the BIOS fixes that problem. Since I didn’t find a solution on how to do it without Windows, I tried something myself. The following commands are executed on Debian/SID.

Install some packages

$ sudo apt install unrar flashrom

Download the BIOS upgrade file

Look out for P2_V022-BIOS.rar.

Unpack archive

$ unrar e P2_V022-BIOS.rar

Unpack executable :)

$ unrar e P2_V022-BIOS.exe

Flash firmware

$ sudo flashrom -p internal -r backup.rom
$ sudo flashrom -p internal -w MN03V022.rom

Amazingly, it worked.